Episode 28: Pyros don’t make good grounds men

Episode 28: Pyros don’t make good grounds men

This week we had the absolute pleasure of getting to learn more about the beautiful historic Oakland cemetery in Atlanta from their fabulous Education Manager, Marcy!  Be sure to listen in as we learn how the cemetery was brought back to life by generous donations from the local community that even includes a functioning greenhouse onsite.  We especially loved how Marcy referred to the interred and were blown away by all of the famous celebrities, sports heroes and activists that are spending eternity within their gates.  You’re not going to want to miss our first ever interview episode!

Episode Description: Pyros don’t make good grounds man in Mr. Danny’s cemetery but our very special guest will tell you all about the famous Historic Oakland Cemetery where they clearly background check prior to hiring!

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Episode 27: Hope you don't mind the Ghost Photo Bombs!

Episode 27: Hope you don't mind the Ghost Photo Bombs!