Mr. Danny Faulkner

Host & cemetery dude

Danny Faulkner is a Cemetery Industry veteran with over 35 years of death care experience, not to mention he's a pretty funny guy! Danny has owned and operated his own chain of cemeteries, worked for an international death care conglomerate as director of sales and acquisitions and currently is director of sales with chain of cemeteries in North Georgia and now somehow he got talked into becoming a Podcast Host.

danny and his lovely wife of 40+ years enjoy moving like GYPSIES, however they currently live in an atlanta suburb where hopefully they plan to stay a while. he and his wife are the parents to an OBVIOUSLY awesome daughter and son and grandparents to three wild grand-boys. in his spare time, mr. danny enjoys gardening, spending time with friends and family and sipping whiskey on the BACK PORCH while watching his many BIRD FEEDERS.

Katie Leverett

Host & Daughter

Katie Leverett is Danny's daughter, a mom and wife to her young family, a full time project manager in the healthcare industry and an avid podcast enthusiast. After listening for years she thought she might try to talk her crazy Daddy into telling some of his stories on air.

katie has lived in the atlanta area for almost 15 years where she has a pretty fun life with her super handsome husband and INCREDIBLY adorable son. she loves volunteering at her sons school, movie date nights with her husband, hosting her girlfriends for a wine night and playing lots and lots of tennis.